Buses this afternoon - as at 2.00pm

Thames Travel

136 Benson, 136 Cholsey, X2 all running

X39/40 not serving Woodcote

Go Green Taxis

5-WL50 (Didcot) is running


ED2807 (Cholsey) is running

5-WL01 (Shillingford, Warborough) is running

Year 11 Mocks

These are cancelled today.

TinyToes Nursery

The Nursery will not be open today. Apologies.

Bus Information

Thames Travel

136 service x2 Abingdon and Didcot and X39/40 Reading and Oxford appears to be running from Thames Travel’s website. They are checking routes and more information will follow.

Charlton on Otmoor

No Charlton Service buses:

ED2803 (Benson) - not running

ED2810 (Long Wittenham & Brightwell) - not running

Go Green Taxis are running:

5-WL50 (Didcot)


Will try to run their buses and will let us know if they are having problems:

ED2807 (Cholsey)

5-WL01 (Shillingford, Warborough)

Supreme Taxis

Can't get a response from them yet, will keep trying: 

5-WL62 (Chinnor)

Walters Coaches is not running any buses today: 

5-WL02 (Newington, Berrick Salome, Roke, Ewelme, Benson)

5-WL03 (Berinsfield, Drayton St Leonard, Dorchester, Benson)

5-WL56 (Moulsford & Cholsey)

5-WL61 (Wallingford Hill Farm)

Original message follows:

The expected overnight weather appears to have been less dramatic than expected in Wallingford. A number of our bus services are running too and we are grateful to them for not giving-up on the day easily. 

It will be a tricky day but we are going to open and offer what service we can   The minimum position is that we will keep students safe and occupied but perhaps not in classes. This will certainly be for a while as the staff battle their way in from further afield. 

The main reason for opening is to help the town function and give people the ability to go to work. We also think it important to teach every day we can. 

You should not send your child to school if the journey looks unsafe at your end. We understand if they are kept off. 

Staff must ensure they are safe and confident. Childcare will affect many. Your daughters and sons are welcome in school if that helps. Please don’t feel encouraged to travel if you are anxious about the conditions. You might wait until the roads clear of traffic and snow first and come later. If you drive, take your time. 

The weather must be worse further afield so we all understand if you are stuck at home. 

Please put something on Show My Homework so those in school can give students a steer on work and those at home keep up. 

Some elements of this will be fun in school but it will not be straightforward for those who make it in to manage. Of course we shan’t please everyone by being in today. We hope people understand. 

If you are inclined to complain it would be helpful if you’d go on social media and moan at the people grizzling about schools being shut. They will have more time to engage with you than we do.