Four Houses on Sports DayHere at Wallingford School we have constructed an engrained house system that is in its 6th year since the original relaunch. For those that have had longstanding connections to Wallingford School you may remember the original houses of Newton, Shackleton, Faraday and Tennyson. These have now been replaced with names more apt to our local surroundings. The four houses of Bigg, Blackstone, Christie and Matilda are now embedded into the whole school and they occupy a ¼ of the school geographically.

Walking around the school site, you will become aware, very quickly, of which house and tutor area you are in, by the four bright colours that represent the houses. There is a focal point in the main hall where the Blue, Green, Red and Yellow LED lights shine on the tokens, portraying the current standings in the annual battle for the house shield.

At Wallingford School the four houses are led by the Head of House System, Mr Lyons, and his very enthusiastic House Leaders Mr Harpin (Bigg), Ms Sutton (Blackstone), Ms Persse (Christie) and Mr Hinchliffe (Matilda). These five staff are responsible for overseeing all house competitions that occur throughout the academic year. Alongside the help of House Captains in the 6th form and House representatives in each form, there is truly a diverse and substantial enrichment on offer for all students.

With a variety of subject areas running their own specific events, as well as the termly sports house matches, whole school sports day and specific important days for all the houses to collaborate together, there is always something for everyone to take part in.

Finally, each student throughout the year collects house points individually. These are recorded digitally and are awarded for hard work, achievement, participation and helpfulness. These points alongside the competitions accumulate towards the final score at the end of each academic year. Alongside this, the highest-scoring student in each year, for each term, is also awarded their own specific prize.

Wallingford School’s House system is in a place where pupils can participate, be rewarded, be competitive and feel part of a community within a community.

If You Know Your History?

  Sports Day Winners Overall Cup Winners
2015-16 Matilda Matilda
2016-17 Bigg Blackstone
2017-18 Bigg Bigg
2018-19 Blackstone Blackstone
2019-20 Blackstone Bigg
2020-21 Blackstone Matilda
2021-22 Christie Christie
2022-23 Blackstone Matilda









Average House Points per Year Group (as at June 2024)

  Average Score Highest
Year 7 196 433
Year 8 132 345
Year 9 139 674
Year 10 70 228
Year 11 49 152
Years 12 & 13 15 84