Our Vision

Wallingford School is a school rooted at the heart of its local community serving the town and its surrounding villages. We are proud that we serve our catchment area and have a core belief that students should attend their local school and that the school should meet each and every student’s needs to enable them to benefit from an all-round education.

Wallingford School is the only school in the town and is a comprehensive school – this is important to us. We know that we need to be broad and all-encompassing in what we offer, providing opportunities for all, tailoring provision for the individual and recognising need and diversity.

Our Values

Our values are not summarised in an acronym but are embedded in everything we do through the vision for our school. For us school is of course about qualifications but it is also about the type of young people we support to develop.

Our ethos is neatly summarised in the words “able and qualified” – students will be “qualified” through great teaching and learning and “able” through an enriching and enlightening school experience which prepares them well for the modern world and forms them into responsible citizens.