product design

Why study Product Design?

The Product Design GCSE will prepare you to participate confidently and successfully in a growing technological world.

You will gain knowledge of wide influences on design, including new and emerging technology, historical, social, environmental and economic factors. Many of the areas covered will be related to sustainability, which is increasingly important and relevant to modern life, and will be useful in many fields of work.

You will work creatively and develop problem solving skills when designing, making, testing and evaluating prototypes. By the end of the course you will have a deep understanding of the design process, which could be applied to a wide range of disciplines. You will also have created a valuable portfolio of work to take to interviews.

Further study is ideally suited to Product Design A Level, which is offered at Wallingford School, although this is not the only option. Possible careers would be Graphic Design, Product Design, Architecture, Digital Design, Interior Design and many other types of design and engineering.

What will I study?

You will study core design and technology principles, including a broad range of processes, materials, techniques and equipment. You will also study specialist technical principles, which will largely be through graphic products. This is not limiting though - your prototypes can be plastic, wood or metal based and can also include mechanics and electronics, depending on your interests and ability. In addition, you will use a range of sketching, technical drawing and CAD/CAM to aid design and prototype development. It is not essential that you have good drawing skills, as designs can be communicated in a number of ways.

How will I study?

One period per week will be dedicated to theory and the double lesson to practical coursework. You will focus on learning key design knowledge and practical skills in Yr 10, as well as beginning to build theory knowledge. You will develop confidence through practice, using a variety of tools and equipment, to aid the design and making of your prototypes.

Your final coursework will begin in the June of Yr 10 and will be complete by the Easter of Yr 11. You will choose a theme from a choice of three given by the exam board - these are deliberately non-specific so that you can tailor your coursework and prototypes in a way that will best suit your interests and ability.

How will my work be assessed?

Two units are assessed. Both units are worth 50% of the final grade.

  • Final written exam, 2 hours, 100 marks - a mixture of multiple choice core theory and specialist extended written questions.
  • Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) - This is coursework and is a project comprising a design folder and prototypes.

Please see Miss Walker for more information.