Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to you with details of arrangements for how the school will operate in 2020/21. There are two parts to this letter: the first is an overview of the attached document which explains how the school will operate in order to apply the Government guidance around the safe full re-opening of schools; the second is a more general update which we hope will be helpful.

The Full Re-opening of the School

To confirm, the school will be open to all students on a full-time basis in September. You will find attached to this letter a document titled September 2020: Arrangements for School which provides detailed information about how we will implement Government guidance and will hopefully answer many of the questions or concerns you may have about the full re-opening of the school and how we will operate.

We are mindful that there may be a few areas in which guidance or arrangements change over the summer holiday and so we will reissue a new version of this document on 1st September to in order to reflect any changes; these changes will be highlighted and will also include specific details around year groups entrances, exits and areas for September.

Please do talk through the document with your son or daughter before they return to school. Please also be assured that we will be doing a considerable amount of work at the start of term and moving forward to ensure that all students understand and adhere to these arrangements.

It is reasonable to expect that the arrangements explained in September 2020: Arrangements for School will be with us for the foreseeable future, but we will of course update you as soon as there are any changes.

General Updates

The School Day and Mobile Devices

Before the lockdown, you may recall a consultation about the structure of the school day and our mobile devices policy. Having considered feedback from staff, parents and students we have decided to continue with the mobile devices policy as it currently is for now; it feels like this is not the moment for a change in this area but we may well return to it in the future.

One change which will happen is to the structure of the school day. The official new timings of the school day for September will be:

0845 - 0900: Registration
0900 - 0950: Period 1
0950 - 1040: Period 2
1040 - 1100: Break
1100 - 1150: Period 3
1150 - 1240: Period 4
1240 - 1325: Lunch
1325 - 1415: Period 5
1415 - 1505: Period 6

You will see in September 2020: Arrangements for School that we will not be able to operate this “normal” school day for the foreseeable future but it will be our established model when normality returns and the altered start and end times of the day will apply.


You will be receiving a separate letter before the end of term with some reminders about our expectations for school uniform. We expect students to be smart and to wear their uniform appropriately. If you have any concerns or questions about uniform then please do get in touch with the school. We will return to students wearing full school uniform including ties in September.

Start of Term

A reminder that we look forward to welcoming Years 7 and 12 in school on Thursday 3rd September and all other year groups on Friday 4th September.

School Priorities for 2020/21

The school’s priorities for development for next year will understandably need to reflect the situation we have all experienced over the past few months. As such these will include a focus on mental health and wellbeing, adaptations to the curriculum to ensure depth and breadth of coverage and clear strategies to support next year’s examination classes in particular, amongst other things. Strategic planning is in place to address all of these matters and we will update parents and carers with an overview of our approach at the start of the academic year.

And finally…

The House Newsletter is our vehicle for communication about the life of the school at the end of this academic year – please do try to read it if you have the time. However, I would like to thank all parents and carers for their support for the school at the end of my first year as Headteacher. No one could have predicted the events which have occurred during the year and it is now about moving forward and thinking about the potential for us all as a school community in 2020/21.

Your faithfully

John Marston