tulipsIn our latest newsletter, the dark of winter gives way to the colours of spring, from the riotous black comedy of The Addams Family Musical, to the riot of colour in an art-filled 6th Form trip to Barcelona. Even the snowy lands of Iceland gave an amazing northern lightshow to our Geography students, while the green fingers of our gardening team enticed newts to the Pat Granados Biodiversity Garden.

Other trip reports came in from our exchange trips to Grenoble and Bad Wurzach (we exchange students with France and Germany each year, but they keep sending them back), while important lessons from history are learned in Belgium, in a trip of Graves and Trenches.

There was more colourful art in the Tate Modern, but skip that and instead be impressed by a Greater Spotted Woodpecker drawn by The Arty Squid, and chilled by Sonny's eyeless apes (we asked if Sonny could paint something less scary, like an eyeless deer... "No idea," was the reply).

We love hearing and sharing stories of what our students (and staff!) get up to in the community, and Lizzie, Evie and Miss Walker share their experiences of being involved in a production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Read their reports toot suite...

For your holiday reading, we have a graphical short story and a graphic narrative that were both shoo-ins for first prize in the Creative Writing & Drawing Competition.

And there's loads more, from Young Carers, CareersFest, Poetry Live to our regular House Events round-up. Get cracking!