Sunday morning was a very early start (for some more than others) as we set off for the Lake District. Our journey was smooth, with most people trying hard to get some shut-eye. The highlight was reaching our destination, which was beautiful, and we were all excited about the week ahead.

Right from the start we had scheduled sessions. We'd already taken the time in school to plan how best to use them, so we just started revising! It was a brilliant setting for revision, with amazing views of Lake Windermere to inspire us. There were lots of flashcards, folders and resources on hand and it really felt like staff were working hard to ensure we got the most out of the week. It was also great to have staff on hand to mark essays, offer support and provide answers - it's so difficult to get that kind of one to one support in a busy school week.


We stayed in lodges, with a boys' and a girls' floor in each. It felt like a trial for University or real life, having to get along with a range of people, and I know we all learned a lot about each other and ourselves! There were also other activities, including a zip-wire, challenge course and raft-building on the lake and, in the evenings, we were given the opportunity to participate in a quiz night and team building activities. These were a great way to wind down from the hard day of studying and it was just nice to spend time with friends at the end of our time in Wallingford Sixth Form.


Mr Lamb, with the assistance of several students, made a camp fire, on which we roasted marshmallows to varying degrees of success. We listened to music (not sure if the teachers approved of it all!) and played frisbee in the dark, which was challenging. Being together helped us to form close bonds that we will never forget. Being by the lake in such a beautiful area really was a perfect setting. Having spent the week there, we understand the appeal of being away from the distractions of home - it definitely paid off in terms of the quantity of revision completed!

This trip was very hard work but we all feel confident that it will have been worth it come the summer!

- Ellie & James, Year 13