A message from Mr Willis and Mr Domville (Chair of Governors):

We wanted to improve on last year's result at 53% (A* - B), expected about 55% and hoped for 58%. To get 62% is really remarkable. We have many departments that have really excelled themselves. This is the consequence of extremely hard work given the scale of curriculum reforms with which teachers and students have had to contend.

At the top end four students from Wallingford School will be starting courses at Oxbridge this year and a third of all A Level exams sat were A or A*.

It is really impressive that, as a group, the young people who sat exams from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who received bursaries did remarkably well. A disadvantaged student at Wallingford achieves more, on average, than their non-disadvantaged counterparts nationally. That means the school has wiped that disadvantage out and given these young people a crack at life beyond school on better than equal terms.

Success like this is always a community effort. It requires parents, staff and students who all believe in what we are trying to achieve. This ensures that the very brightest are celebrated and encouraged and they in turn show patience and appreciation for those who need to work hard to overcome things that make achievement more challenging. This is underpinned by having not just high expectations for yourself but wanting the best for those around you; adults and young people alike.

Wallingford is always a great place to work but on days like today: just wonderful.

A Level Results 2017

Number of pupils:     93

% of entries A* to A: 33

% entries A* to B:     62

% entries A* to E:     99.6