Students gathered with their results

Number of pupils sitting exams (195)

% grade 4 and above in English (80%)

% grade 4 and above in Maths (83%)

I never sleep the night before these results are published but this year was particularly worrying. I have had 2 sets of results that disappointed me in 31 years and I still feel the disappointment of them. I was worried that my hat-trick might come in my final year, when I would not have been able to put them right. I am so relieved that they are strong and grateful to teachers for keeping focussed on what matters in a year of such turbulence.

As always, we are grateful to the parents of the students involved. This year group was a particular pleasure to teach. Their part in this is huge and appreciated. 

It is to be noted that students achieved brilliant results across the board, especially in really important subjects that feature very little in government performance tables. Thus demonstrating that our community have raised and educated a cohort of young people more broad minded and better prepared for the world than our legislators could ever claim to be.

- Mr Willis