This morning our Year 13 students have received their grades. The grades within their context are very strong indeed and they are a reflection of the commitment and hard work of our students and the dedication of our staff in supporting them.

We all know that this year is different. The word “unprecedented” has been used in almost every possible context over the past few months and it is certainly true that this is a unique situation which we very much hope will not be repeated. There has been a great deal of coverage in the media about the processes and subsequent changes which have taken place; for us as teachers and people who work with young people it has always been about the students and supporting them during this period.

This is a cohort who have experienced enormous uncertainty and disruption and they have dealt with it with grace, dignity and resilience. Our priority today and over the coming days and weeks is to support them to secure a place at their preferred destination and also to congratulate them on how they have handled a difficult time and on the fine young people they are and have become– we are very proud of them.