Update 2:00pm - Bus Update

Route School/Route

Pick up 11/12/17, 3:30pm

ED2807 Cholsey Running
ED2810 Long Wittenham & Brightwell NOT RUNNING
5-WL01 Shillingford, Warborough Running
5-WL02 Newington, Berrick Salome, Roke, Ewelme and Benson Running
5-WL03 Berinsfield, Drayton St. Leonard, Dorchester, Benson Running
5-WL50 Didcot - Go Green Taxi Running
5-WL56 Moulsford & Cholsey Running
5-WL57 North Stoke Running
5-WL61 Wallingford Hill Farm Running


Update 10:30am - X39/40

X39/40 is running from Benson to Wallingford as normal.

Update 8:35am - Mock Exams 

Mock exams will go ahead as planned for those Y11s able to make it in safely. For pupils unable to get to school today, arrangements will be made for them to sit the exams at a later date. Details will be confirmed in the next few days.

Update 8:15am - Charlton

Charlton Services will not be running any buses today.

Update 11/12/2017 7:00am

School will be open today for those who are able to make it in safely. Below is the latest information from bus companies about the services running today:

Walters (WL03, WL02, WL56) all these buses will run in some form:

  • the Berinsfield pick up will be from the main road at approx. 8am
  • the Ewelme bus can’t get into the village but can pick up Ewelme pupils from Benson
  • the Cholsey/Moulsford bus can’t turn in Moulsford but can pick up from Cholsey

Walters are happy to take any pupils with a bus pass for a Walters bus on any of their buses today

Tappins (2807, 2804, WL01) are running.

Charlton (2803, 2810) will not be running any buses today.

X39/40 is running from Benson to Wallingford as normal.

Go a Green Taxis will be doing their usual pick ups.

Be aware that services might be a little behind schedule due to road conditions.


Original message:

As Wallingford is a one-school town we are conscious that closing the school affects a lot of families who would otherwise want to go to work. We are also aware that everyone needs to have safety very much in mind. Our intention is to determine whether the bus companies are willing and able to drive to school. If not we will use the media to inform parents which villages are cut-off. 

We assume most people in the town can make it into school and will almost certainly be open for them. It is likely that the start to the day will not be straightforward but we can put a timetable together as the day goes on. The students will have a chance to have fun in the snow together in their usual social time. We will make a decision about the mock exams once we know how many staff and students are in. 

If it looks impossible to open the school safely we will let everyone know as soon as that call is made. 

Of course, every family has to decide for themselves whether they think it safe to send their child to school because circumstances are different from case to case. We fully understand this. 

Staff must also make a personal decision about safety, which is likely to vary depending on your journey, the availability of public transport and confidence in driving. Please don't rush. We expect people to be later than usual and we don't want anyone hurt or upset because they are in a rush to be on time. It is OK not to make a journey if the buses don't run and roads are not drivable. We recognise you may have childcare issues of your own if your local providers close. 

Hopefully it will be a normal school day. If not, with a little patience and understanding we hope those who do make it in are looked after and have a pleasant day. We will do what we can and use our best judgement. It would be helpful if people urged to complain if we open are sensitive to the fact that others would complain if we didn't, and vice versa.