A big thank you to everyone who took the time to visit the Swab Hub at Wallingford School yesterday afternoon. We were very pleased to find out that 61 people registered!

If you couldn't make it, you can still register online at www.dkms.org.uk

Mr Lyons has kindly offered to do swab registrations for staff and 6th Form students tomorrow and Monday lunch time - we are happy for members of the community to register in this way too, but please contact the school prior to your visit, so we can plan a suitable time slot over lunch.

Many thanks for your help and please continue sharing!

Wednesday 13 December, 2pm – 6 pm, Wallingford School

Many of you will have seen our post from last week about the family of one of our students working very closely with the charity www.dkms.org.uk. They are organising events and raising awareness to attract more donors onto the register, with the view to helping a family member, and several thousand other patients (mainly children between 1 and 5) to find that lifesaving donor match.

We had such a lovely response from our school community and we are pleased to be able to offer the school as a venue for a Swab Hub Donor Registration Event on Wednesday 13 December.

We would welcome anyone interested in coming along for more information and/or to register. It is just a mouth swab and a registration form. Donors must be between 17 and 55 years of age.

Year 12 students were invited to come up with a range of designs to replace the original railings around the war memorial in Warborough.

The War Memorial Committee met with students to provide a design brief. Following this, students researched suitable imagery, took photographs, made sketches and models, and presented their design ideas to the committee last Friday.


The chosen design will eventually be forged by a blacksmith in time to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1 in November 2018.

A message from Nicola Howse of the WSA:

"Thank you from the WSA for all the parent helpers at 1155 Firework Display.

"A big thank you to everyone who volunteered to help at the Wallingford Fireworks earlier this month. WSA attended a presentation last night and received a generous donation of £900.00, which will go towards the school mini bus fund. It would not have been possible to have received this without all of your help - so thank you all very much for giving up some of your evening to help."

We at Wallingford School would like to add our own special thanks to the WSA for their continued support with all our events in school and extra time out in the community raising funds for a new mini bus. Your dedication and hard work are very much appreciated - thank you!

We are aware that a number of personnel from RAF Benson have been deployed to the Caribbean as part of Operation Ruman to offer humanitarian assistance. While this is not a military deployment we appreciate that it is tough for a family to experience a deployment at short notice to a part of the world with such poor communications at present.

The school is keeping a particular eye on service children but if anyone from a service family is worried that we may not have picked up someone who is struggling we would appreciate a call to prompt us to offer some extra support. As with all deployments, any reasonable requests for term-time leave for families affected by this would be viewed sympathetically, especially for younger students.

For students who study alongside children from service families we would ask that you be even more supportive than usual and be careful that nothing is said around someone who is missing a family member to upset them.

I am sure we are all grateful to the service men and women and their families for being on standby to make such a difference when called upon. We hope to welcome those deployed back home soon.

 Photos courtesy of RAF Benson.