Dance is not simply about performance. It is a whole process; starting with an initial idea and creatively developing this idea into a final piece, consisting of many carefully considered elements. Dance gives pupils the freedom to express, to develop physical skills, technique and to also form critical appreciation of their own and others' work. Pupils will learn and experience a wide variety of professional choreographer's work, appreciating and analysing key constituent features.

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GCSE Dance

Year 10

Term 1

Safe practice, actions/dynamics/space/relationships, 'Emancipation of Expressionism'

Term 2

Appreciation and comparisons of constituent features, 'Shadows'

Term 3

Performance skills, Duo/Trio performance, 'A Linah Curva'

Term 4

Using stimuli as a starting point, Set phrase: Breathe, Shift,'Infra'

Term 5

Set phrase: Flux, 'Within Her Eyes'

Term 6

Structuring, 'Artificial Things'

Year 11

Terms 1 & 2

Duo/Trio performance, Choreography

Term 3

Rehearsal and preparation for practical exam.

Term 4

Revision of hypothetical choreography questions. Knowledge and appreciation of professional works.

Term 5

Revision: answering exam questions.