The Humanities curriculum at Wallingford School aims to:

  • Enable students to find their place in the world and make informed decisions about the future by considering the past
  • Develop students’ skills in literacy, numeracy, problem solving, verbal communication as well building tolerance and empathy
  • Encourage students to reach the highest possible standards through in-depth studies and academic rigour

KS3 Geography

Year 7

Term 1 - What is Geography

UK maps, Europe maps and map skills

Term 2 - Tectonics

Structure of the Earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, comparing hazards

Term 3 - Population and Settlement

Demographic data, UK population, UK migration

Term 4 - Japan

Map work, life in Japan, urban/rural differences

Term 5 - Ecosystems

Rainforests, use and impact, development in Brazil

Term 6 - Rivers

River structure, features, flooding, map work

Year 8

Term 1 - Rivers

River structure, features, flooding, map work

Term 2 - Adventure Landscapes

Formation and management of different landscapes

Term 3 - Africa

Issues and challenges in Africa, impact of AIDS, future of Africa

Term 4 & 5 - Glaciation

Glacial processes and landforms, use of glacial landscapes, map work

Term 6 - Global Issues

Endangered species, crime, climate change

Year 9

Term 1 - Development

Measuring development, views on development

Term 2 - Globalisation

Evaluating globalisation, impact of fashion industry

Term 3 - Tourism

Types of tourism, impact, tourism in UK, sustainable tourism

Term 4 - Think Like a Geographer

Critical investigation of a range of issues around the world

Term 5 & 6 - Coasts

Map work, coastal processes and landforms, impact of erosion, opinions on coastal defences

GCSE Geography

Year 10

Term 1 & 2 - Hazards

Earthquakes, hurricanes, UK extreme weather, climate change

Term 3 - Resource Management

Resources, focus on water

Term 4 - UK Landscapes

Rivers, coasts

Term 5 - Fieldwork

Tourism in Christchurch, coastal management at Southbourne

Term 6 - Urban Challenges

Year 11

Term 1 - UK Landscapes


Term 2 & 3 - Changing Economic World

Development, Nigeria, UK economy

Term 4 - The Living World

Structure of ecosystems, rainforests and deserts

Term 5 - Revision and External Exams

A Level Geography

Hazards - types of hazard, management

Coasts - processes, landforms, management

Changing Places - nature of places, change, depth study of Wallingford and Birmingham

Population and Environment - food, production, health, population, ecology

Global Governance - globalisation, trade, governance of the commons

Fieldwork - preparation and visit to Wales

Carbon & Water Cycles - interactions, case studies