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GCSE Results Day 2016 - Thursday 25th August

 DSC5206 480s

10am to 1pm (breakfast from 9.30am) 6th Form Common Room


• We can email them to your personal email. Send a request email, including your name and address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• We will send the results to you, if you leave an A5 stamped addressed envelope with the office

• If you ask someone else to collect them for you, they MUST bring a letter signed by YOU stating that they have your permission to collect your results.

GCE Results Day 2016 - Thursday 18th August

 DSC5180 480s

A2: 8am to 12pm - Library
AS: 10am to 12pm – Library


• We can email them to your personal email. Send a request email, including your name and address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• If you are going to be away we will send the results to you, if you leave an A5 stamped addressed envelope with the office.

• If you ask someone else to collect them for you, they MUST bring a letter from YOU stating that they have your permission to collect your results.

Bad Wurzach German Exchange 2016

20160607 115648 480s

Day 1: Monday 6th June

We eventually arrived in Germany after a delayed flight (extra time to shop for me!!!). At 10:30pm, we came to the school where we were greeted by our host families. My partner for the week was a girl called Lena.

20160607 112445 230s 20160607 141328 230s

Day 2: Tuesday 7th June

As German children start school at 7:45am, we had to wake up REALLY early (5:45 our time!). We went into school with our partners and stayed with them until it was lunch. However, before we left to eat (children in Germany get to leave the school premises at lunch), we went to the Bad Wurzach town hall and met the town's mayor, who told us some of the town's history.

After lunch, we headed to a bakery to learn how to make traditional German pretzels.

20160608 112450 230 20160608 141001 230s

Day 3: Wednesday 8th June

After another early start, we met at school to go to Munich. After a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived. Munich was extremely beautiful, although the weather was not! After strolling through the historical streets, we boarded the bus once again to go to the Allianz Arena! We were lucky enough to have a backstage tour where we saw the press conference room, pitch and locker rooms! As my brother LOVES BIA Munich, I bought him a training top and water bottle.

20160609 092413 230s 20160609 103133 230s

Day 4: Thursday 9th June

On Thursday, we went to the historic city of Ulm where we climbed the biggest steeple in the world. Although I am terrified of heights, I am glad I did it as the views were breathtaking (once I got my breath!). Afterwards we went to an AWESOME water park.

20160610 091559 230s 20160610 092051 230

Day 5: Friday 10th June

On our penultimate day in Germany, we went to the beautiful town of Lindau. Lindau is surrounded by a sapphire-blue lake which shimmered in the sun. We had time to stroll round the town before heading to the skywalk. After a quick walk through the German countryside, we arrived to see a long pathway snaking through the treetops. From the top of the skywalk, you could see the picturesque Alps in the distance. To get down, you slide down a very long and awesome slide.

20160610 124123 230 20160610 135917 230

Day 6: Saturday 6th June

On the last day, we did a trip with our families. Lena and her friend Emily's (partnered with Georgie Newman) family took us to a game museum. Afterwards we had time to shop and eat ice-cream. A perfect ending to a great week!

-Lily, Year 8

Year 7 Boulogne Trip 2016

IMG 9647 230s IMG 9589 230s

The Boulogne trip was a very educational but enjoyable trip, which definitely boosted my interest in French culture and I would love to go back there someday.

We were expected to be at school by 4:15am but my alarm woke me up at 3:20am! (Way too early, if you ask me). It took time to decipher where I was and what I was doing, but I recovered quickly and soon enough I was getting dressed and packing my lunch into my bag. My mum looked "overjoyed" to be taking me to school at this time of night, as I'm sure the other parents were.

When we arrived at school, we were assigned our groups and given wristbands so that the teachers knew that we were with them. Next, we got on the bus and went to sleep as it was still pretty much the night. We travelled for about 5hrs(ish) but in that time we had had breakfast and a bit of sleep. Then we got on the ferry at around 9:25am - to be exact - and were free to roam around and buy what we wanted (even €40 perfume!).

IMG 9602 230s IMG 9601 230s

One and a half hours later, we arrived in France and drove to Boulogne. Our first destination in Boulogne was the ramparts. We walked along them, filling in our booklets as we went. It was a magnificent view from the top, and you could see the whole town so it also doubled as a great photo spot. We stopped at the top of a hill to eat our lunch; unless you'd gobbled it down already (which I do not advise as you would be starved to death by the end of the trip).

After that we visited the cathedral, and - yet again - took lots of pictures. Then, we walked through the Old Town (where we could buy souvenirs if we wanted to, e.g berets or pizza). I found it really 'fascinant' because we got to see all the French architecture and how different it was from English architecture.

 IMG 9600 230s 20160617 144039 230s

Last - but not least - we drove to the long-anticipated hyper market where we could roam around and finally spend our euros on French sweets, ice cream, makeup, cheese, clothes etc. I enjoyed this part of the trip the most because we could use our French in proper situations, and we got to see things that we don't normally get in the UK.

After the hypermarket, we walked back to the coach and set off to go home. When we got to the port, we were held up by security so it took a bit longer to get into the UK but eventually we got on the ferry and managed to finally stretch our legs.

We got back at around 12:00pm but it was worth it because overall I think that the trip was really enjoyable. I would definitely do it again!

- Jemima, Year 7

We Are Open

You may be aware that during the flash floods today (Thursday 16th June 2016) the school suffered some damage. As a result there are some changes to the day tomorrow.

There was significant damage to the hall and small number of classrooms. As a consequence, although we will be open for all year groups there is bound to be some inconvenience. One or two lessons will have to be re roomed, the hall will be out of action and we will be unable to provide hot food. Exams will be relocated to the sports hall and the Boulogne trip will run as planned.

We would be grateful if you could arrangement a packed lunch for your children, although we will probably be able to provide something cold for those on free school meals, and for those who are unable to. This will only be available at lunchtime, not at break.

We would be would be grateful if students could come to school tomorrow prepared to be flexible and supportive of staff.

We are really grateful to those who stayed behind to help ensure the school is safe to be opened tomorrow (Friday 17th June 2016).

SEN Forum Meeting For Year 6 Parents

SEN group photograph

Ms Monaghan (Senco) would like to invite parents who have children with SEND in Year 6 to an informal meeting with existing parents and Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the SEN Department at Wallingford School, over a glass of wine. New parents will have the chance to hear about the primary to secondary transition. The meeting takes place on Wednesday 6th July from 5.30 until 6.30pm.

Henry's Walk - Wallingford School Sponsored Walk 2016

FAB Logo Henry

Wallingford School will be completing a sponsored walk on Monday 27th June 2016 in order to raise money for the FAB charity. The event will involve the whole school community and reflects the supportive ethos that permeates Wallingford School.

Please make donations via our JustGiving page: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wallingfordschool2016

Henry's Story

Henry is the son of a long-serving member of staff at Wallingford School. On 17th July 2015, 8-month-year-old Henry suffered a serious burns injury to 60% of his body. He was air-lifted to Bristol Children's Hospital, where there is a Paediatric Burns Unit. After spending the first few days in intensive care, Henry spent the next 3 months in the High Dependency Unit and continues to undergo regular operations and recovery treatment, led by the Burns Team.

Initially there was a focus on simply helping Henry to survive this traumatic event, but attention shifted to recovery including numerous skin grafts and laser treatment. Henry is doing very well - all who meet him are impressed by his overwhelmingly happy nature and his surgeons are astounded by his recovery to date. It is hoped that Henry will continue to make great progress as he grows and develops over the next few years.

Henry in hospital Henry in hospital

Despite the positives, Henry will have significant scarring over his legs, abdomen and one arm. Young people and their families at Wallingford School will know how hard things can be getting through the 'growing up' stage of life. The scarring left after a burn injury is lifelong - children and their families have to come to terms with an altered body image. Henry, and children in a similar position, will need support in order to build self-esteem, confidence and social skills, which is where the FAB charity comes in.

The Frenchay After Burns (FAB) Children's Club is an independent charity based in Bristol. Its aim is to provide ongoing support to burn-injured children and their families from injury through to adulthood. The Fab club supports young burns survivors and their families by building self-esteem, confidence and having fun through activities such as camps, fun days and parties. Friendships are made by the children and their families whilst giving mutual support to one another.

Henry playing on slide Henry playing hockey

A burn injury is traumatic and can be a devastating experience. Children may have to cope with embarrassment, teasing and staring, and may require frequent hospital admissions and operations until they stop growing. The scarring left after a burn injury is lifelong, the children and their families have to come to terms with an altered body image. This can reduce their confidence when growing up is already difficult enough.

FAB's support helps the children recognise that their hopes and goals are still the same and just as achievable. With continual support, positive encouragement and the determination that has helped them, we hope to see the realisation of their dreams. They provide this support by offering the opportunity to meet up with others who really do understand, by organising adventure camps and holidays, parties and day trips. These are provided at no cost to the child or family, so fundraising plays a big part in the activities. FAB are completely self funding and all the work is carried out by volunteers.

Please make donations via our JustGiving page: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wallingfordschool2016

For more information please visit www.fabclub.org.uk


GCSE Results - 10 Steps to Success - 2016

Spring Concert - Thursday 21 April 2016

Morgan playing 'My Mortal' on piano

Being in Year 12 I have taken part in several Spring Concerts over my time at Wallingford School. Since my first time in Year 8 playing an out of tune ukulele, I've always made sure I am involved with the Spring Concert as it epitomises the abundance of talent this school has, from musicians to sound engineers. The concert always consists of a wide range of music from be-bop to rock and showcases a whole variety of groups and individuals who enjoy performing. It can create moments of chilling emotion when a pupil who is normally timid walks out on the stage and stuns the audience. However it can create moments of great fun and enjoyment shared between the performers and the audience. This year's spring concert was perhaps one of the best I have attended and I cannot wait to see how the performers grow between now and next year.

- Alfie, Year 12

Lauren singing 'Wait a bit' Decibelles singing

Wallingford has talent!! Buckets of it!!

This was very evident at last night's Spring Concert. It was such a packed event of soloists, duets, small choirs, enormous choirs, numerous bands and of course the Bigg Band. Every student showed confidence and ability to sing or play music using a variety of instruments. One even brought a tear to my eye. Each and every one of them was well supported by the dedicated staff and their fellow students cheering them on.

There was a fantastic atmosphere in the hall, families were there to encourage and there were a lot of very proud faces and sore hands from clapping.

I cannot praise these students enough to stand up in front of a room full of people and give their all. I can only encourage you to make sure that you get to the school production in December and don't miss a chance of seeing these students once more.

- Cllr Ros Lester, Mayor elect

Alfie playing guitar  Olly playing guitar

"I'm so proud of all of the students performing in the concert. It was amazing to see the range of talent that is in the school, and to be able to work with students who have such dedication and commitment is remarkable. The concert was brilliant and all of the students should be proud of what they managed to achieve."

- Miss Norman, Music Teacher, Wallingford School

"This was my first time performing a solo at the Spring Concert and I really enjoyed it. Everyone was so supportive and I'm so thankful that the school has given me the chance to perform. I want to say thank you to my music teachers for giving me the opportunity and I can't wait to do it again next year....if they'll have me!"

- Ellis, Year 10

Year 10 Work Experience 2016

Issy at Le Manoir

For my work experience I worked at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons. I chose this work placement because I am taking food technology and would love to become a chef in later life. I thought working at Le Manoir would give me the opportunity to understand what it is like to work in a professional kitchen.

Read more: Year 10 Work Experience 2016

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