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Little Shop Of Horrors, 10th-12th December 2015

Little Shop Of Horrors School production Poster

Based on 1960 film about a man-eating plant, this musical tells the story of Seymour, a poor struggling florist living & working in the downtown miserable New York suburb of Skid Row, whose luck changes overnight when he discovers a strange & unusual plant, & brings it back to the flower shop where he works. The plant, named The Audrey Two, after the love of his life, attracts lots of interest & business booms. The downside is the plant rejects all normal plant food in favour of human blood. As Seymour desperately tries to contain this fact, the plant grows & demands more. Seymour's love interest, Audrey, has a masochistic & abusive dentist for a boyfriend, and the plant convinces him that the man "sure looks like plant food to me!" If you like your musicals served with a fair smattering of dark and sinister plot developments, this is for you! And this year we have a special guest appearance by an Audrey Two in all its forms, coming all the way from Leicester!

For tickets please follow the link to Positickets:


We look forward to welcoming you between the 10th-12th December!

Little Shop Of Horrors Trailer

3rd Report on Nasio Students

Oxfordshire teens help support Kenyan communities

Teenagers from Oxfordshire have travelled more than 6,000 miles to help a charity project which supports poor communities in Kenya. As our reporter Adina Campbell discovered, Healthcare is one of the biggest problems. You may find some of the imagaes upsetting

Posted by BBC South Today on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2nd Report on Nasio Students

BBC South Today's second report:

Teenagers helping orphans in Kenya

A group of teenagers from Oxfordshire have travelled to Kenya to support hundreds of orphans living in poverty. They were helping the Abingdon-based charity The Nasio Trust which provides a lifeline to rural communities. Our reporter Adina Campbell traveled with them

Posted by BBC South Today on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

News Report on our Nasio Students

BBC South Today are running a series of reports on our Year 11 Nasio students this week. Here's the first:

Kenya aid trip

It's been a chance for pupils from different backgrounds to work together to help children from Africa. In the first of three reports this week on South Today, we've followed a school group from Oxfordshire as they prepared for a charity trip to Kenya.

Posted by BBC South Today on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sixth Form Debate: Is Britain becoming an increasingly racist society?

6th Form debate

On the 13th of November, Wallingford's Sixth Form took part in a debate. The motion was, "Britain is becoming an increasingly racist society."

The teams had two weeks to plan and prepare for the debate. Both teams did incredibly well, but the Opposition team won with a landslide victory; Wallingford sixth formers were persuaded that racism was worse in the past and, although it clearly exists today, we have become a more tolerant society which finds racism unacceptable.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part, and hope for an equally interesting debate on Global Warming and Climate Change in January.

- Kiaren, Year 12

6th Form debate 6th Form debate

6th Form debate 6th Form debate

Visiting Speaker Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer with Year 11 students

A group of business students were given the opportunity to meet Nick Hewer today. As always, the students were a credit to Wallingford School as they asked questions in a confident and mature manner.

When asked about their meeting with Nick, they said, "The Q and A was relaxed and friendly. Nick was open about sharing his experience and knowledge which we found very useful. We learnt that in order to have a productive career in business we need to be focused, have a passion and an end goal. Nick reassured us that our prospects were realistic and tangible."

Our Year 11s on the other hand were challenged to think about their post 16 options, where would they like to be in a year's time? What career plans do they have in mind? And, how will they achieve their goal?

Nick asked each student about their plans, some choosing 6th Form or College, others thinking about apprenticeships, service careers, university or even a gap year experience to open up opportunities.

A big thank you to Nick for visiting us today.

Non-Uniform Day

A reminder that we are having a non-uniform day tomorrow, October 22nd.

This is to support the Sixth Form appeal in aid of refugees from the war in Syria.

Students are allowed to come dressed in anything that they know the school would consider decent and inoffensive. The general theme is Halloween, but people should not feel obliged to stick to the theme if they prefer not to. Neither do we want parents encouraged to spend lots of money, last minute, on costumes. The aim is to raise money to help others in greater need than ourselves and we would like to encourage a donation of £1.50 or so per student.

We would also ask students in fancy dress to be careful around little children when coming to and from school. What is fun for a teenager can be disturbing for an infant. In particular please don't wear a mask on the way to school or on the way home.

We hope everyone has some fun, does some good for others and still gets lots of work done.


There is a lot of publicity given to the way young people engage with digital devices and social media, we have been thinking about catching the moment and trying to get people to reflect on whether they, or their children, are on top of the issue.

Social media is a terrific tool and does a great deal of good. It is also very often a part of each problem we face in school that is to do with relationships. We know families use mobile phones to keep students safe and prefer not to stop those who behave wisely using them in school. It is going to be a large part of their world and we want to guide young people into using them safely and to a sensible degree.

We thought of sending something of our own round, but the letter from Mike Dix at Thames Valley Police below says a lot of sensible things at least as well as we might. Please give it a few minutes of your time if you think there may be something to learn from doing so.

Please feel free to contact us if it raises concerns and you think we might help. We are keen to help even if those things that worry you take place at home, outside school hours.

pdf Thames Valley Police letter


Exam Results 2015

GCSE result students

We had a very, very good year last year. A headline figure of 84% is the best results Oxfordshire has ever seen for GCSE. Results for our most able students are brilliant too, but with respect to their efforts we are perhaps most proud of those who came to Wallingford struggling a little but left with good results. We hope to be in the top 1% for value added in England, which would mean you would have to drive past 99 schools before you'd come across one to match us, whatever profile you enter Wallingford with.

GCSE result studentsGCSE result students

In an average school, one that is working hard and doing a good job for its students, a typical student might leave with 4 grade B passes. At Wallingford, that same child would get 1 grade B and 3 As.

We are struggling with the balance between celebrating this incredible success and boasting. We are also terrified at having to keep this standard going, which is probably healthy.

IMG 5675 480 s

At A Level 36% of all exams sat were A or A*, with some of our departments producing incredible value added scores and an overall performance that puts us comfortably in the top 25% nationally.

There is a lot more to a good school than results and there are a lot of good schools near Wallingford, so we are wary of saying this means we are the best. Another school will always suit some people better. We have huge respect for the work done in our neighbouring schools. That said, clearly there is something very special going on here.

Thank you to the staff who worked so hard to achieve this and not just the teachers. Thanks also to the students. We hope you go on to make the difference these results suggest you might.

Alevel result studentsAlevel student congratulated by teacher.

For those to whom statistics really matter here are a few of the headlines.

A Level
• At AS: Physics, History and German students made progress in the top 10% of the country.
• At AS: Product Design, Mathematics and Geography students made progress in the top 25% of the country.
• At A2: Drama & Theatre Studies, Sociology, PE, Mathematics, Geography and Further Maths students made progress in the top 10% of the country.
• At A2: Applied Science, Media Studies, History, English Literature and Physics students made progress in the top 25% of the country.
• Students studying the BTEC IT, Art and Design and Business Diplomas made progress in the top 25% of the country.
• One third of the students studying A Level Mathematics achieved the highest grade, an A*.
• At both AS and A2, the overall progress made by sixth form students at Wallingford School was in the top 25% of the country.

• 84% of students achieved at least 5 A*-C grades – our best result ever!
• 88% of students achieved at least a C grade in GCSE Maths.
• 91% of students achieved at least a C grade in GCSE English and 43% achieved either an A or an A*.
• In triple sciences, 69%, 75% and 78% achieved at least an A grade in Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively.
• 69% of music students achieved either an A or an A*.
• 91% of PE students secured at least a C grade.
• On the whole, 90% of subjects delivered 'Outstanding' results.
• On average, students achieved ¾ of a grade higher, per subject, than the national average.
• In Design Technology: Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles all recorded over 89% of their students achieving at least a C grade.


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